How To Measure


  • Face the person who is measuring you.
  • Ask them to take a measuring tape around you, making sure that it is placed across your shoulder blades, and then coming around to the front, under the armpits and over the heaviest part of the chest. Take a body measurement first, tape tight against the body then ease the tape out about 2 inches. This will give you your jacket size.

Kilt waist:

  • Take the tape around the body again, this time measuring roughly 1 inch above your tummy button. This is where the kilt sits, (not on your normal trouser waist but about 2 inches above).
  • This time you want an actual body measurement so it should be quite firm, but comfortable as this is how the kilt will feel when it is on.


  • ¬†Place your feet together and measure the broadest part of your hips

Kilt Length:

  • Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart.
  • Place the tape¬†1 inch above your belly button and move the top of the tape horizontally 6 inches so it now hangs straight down to your knee. Take the measurement from there to the middle of your knee. If it is easier kneel on the ground and measure up to just between your belly button and the bottom of your ribcage in a straight line. As you are doing this, make sure you are not looking down as this can alter the measurement.

Trouser waist:

  • Similar to the kilt waist measurement, but this time measure just above the hips.

Trouser length:

  • Using a pair of your own trousers and measure down the leg starting where the inside seam meets the crotch. Measure from this join, straight down the seam to the hem of the leg. This will give you your inside leg measurement.

Crown to cuff (sleeve length)

  • Put on a suit jacket and stand straight with your arms by your side.
  • Measure from the middle of the top of the sleeve head (where the top of the sleeve meets the shoulder) down to the top of your thumb.


  • Check the collar size on your own shirt or measure around the neck just below the Adams apple. Give yourself at least a fingers space.


  • Take off your shoes and stand up straight with your back against the wall. You need to measure from the floor, up the wall, and finish in line with the top of your head.